Angela Seraphina M.A.

Love, Sex, & Relationship Coach

We are all encoded to awaken to our personal power, pleasure, and freedom. Freedom to create from our heart & not from fear and old patterning. Release blocks & past trauma, heal heartbreak, ignite your high heart, deep desires, pleasure and freedom to allow your highest soul purpose to flow to you. Come with me on a journey to activate your pleasure & live from your heart again.

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Sex, Love, & Relationship Coaching

Reconnect with your original essence, release restrictions/blocks/past trauma, reclaim your desires, heal and activate your love life, be embodied, free, and true to you.

Quantum Energy Healing

Clear, balance, & attune your 5D+ chakra system. Balance masculine and feminine polarities, lightbody transmissions to recalibrate & restore your holographic blueprint, including ascension activations, soul retrieval, and your deepest desire attuned to your high heart.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Earthly and Cosmic past, meta, & future life regression. Contact your highest soul self, discover your unique life purpose, receive physical and emotional healing transmissions, gain answers to your personal questions about love, health, career, or trauma/missing time. Personally trained by Dolores Cannon in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). 

Priestess 4 Hire

Ordained Minister offering sacred union/wedding ceremonies on the big island of Hawaii. Premarital counseling. Couples quatum energy clearings, high heart attunements, & sacral sexual activations. House blessing/clearing & space reclamation. 

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading & Soul Coaching

Yearly forecast, Romance, Career, and Life Purpose Readings. 22+ card spread.

Healing Packages

Mix and match to create the perfectly tailored healing package for you!

What People Are Saying

Angela Seraphina is a talented, passionate, and grounded healer. She channels a clear and bright energy while creating and holding a grounded, safe space for her clients. I felt respected, at ease and deeply moved by the sessions I have received. The Quantum Healing Chamber she manifests is quite something to experience. I felt the session integrating for weeks afterwards in the most beautiful way. Angela’s tarot/oracle readings are intuitive, compassionate, and spot-on. I feel grateful to have access to such a wise and loving soul.


Professional Photographer

I had a wonderful Quantum Healing Session with Angela. I could literally feel energy pulsing through the Egyptian Healing Rods as she facilitated the session. I felt relaxed yet with tremendous mental clarity. I received a crystal clear 3rd eye image intuition on a question I had in my mind before the session, took immediate action on it and loved the results! Thank you Angela!


Esthetician & Licensed Massage Therapist, Kona Waxing & Wellness

The session I had with Angela was deeply profound. I feel more whole, more complete, calmer, and more deeply connected to my soul self. It always amazes me at how that connection can always become stronger! I will be referring people to Angela with high confidence in her gifted healing abilities and techniques. I am truly grateful for the gifts she shared with me.


Reiki Practicioner, Sound & Crystal Healer, Massage Therapist

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