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All Sessions 90 Minutes

In Person Sessions

All Sessions 90 Minutes

22+ Oracle Card Spread

Yearly Forcast

Romance Reading

These are my favorite readings! I work with 8 oracle card decks specific to love.

Qualifications & Trainings

Angela Seraphina completed her training to become a Certified Quantum Clairvoyant with The Temple of Self-Ascension in 2010.

Life Purpose & Career Reading

Are you curious about your life purpose? Or considering a career change? This is a unique way to get a closer look into what your higher self is lining up for you.

Timeline Shift/ Major Life Transition Reading

Major life transitions can be confusing. Let the cards, your higher self, and my intuition guide you so that you can trust the path as it unfolds and have some tools to assist you along the way.

Online Sessions

All Sessions 90 Minutes

In Person Sessions

All Sessions 90 Minutes


Rikki Zulyevic, Quantum Hypnotherapist

I went into my Healing Hypnosis session with Angela, with expectations of what was about to happen and of what NEEDED to happen. I had no idea how many blockages and how much emotional release I needed cleared. Thankfully, Angela is equipped with many more gifts and abilities than what is usually offered in a session like this, so she was able to utilize different healing/clearing modalities to clear the blockages, get stagnant energy flowing, channel information, intuitively, and ultimately, help me achieve breakthrough insights. The best part came in the days following the session, as I integrated everything that happened. The details are personal, but major changes “magically” happened in every area of my life, just one day after we met. If you have the opportunity to meet with Angela, you will be in good hands.

Valerie Arsenault, Founder at Bee Chi Organic Apothecary

Words can’t describe the magic that Angela exudes from her very presence, let alone her intuitive and natural healing abilities. The hypnosis session I had with her was positively life changing and continues to heal and transform my body and reality, long after working with her. I HIGHLY recommend Angela, Seraphina Love Priestess, for any and all types of healing, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, all of which are entirely connected and ready for our attention. 
Huge Mahalo Angela!

Vanessa, Reiki Practicioner, Sound & Crystal Healer, Massage Therapist

The session I had with Angela was deeply profound. I feel more whole, more complete, calmer, and more deeply connected to my soul self. It always amazes me at how that connection can always become stronger! I will be referring people to Angela with high confidence in her gifted healing abilities and techniques. I am truly grateful for the gifts she shared with me.

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