Quantum Energy Healing

Free 15 Minute Consultation

Clear, balance, & attune your 5D+ chakra system

Transmute & release the past while aligning with your desired timeline

Balance masculine & feminine polarities, activate your high heart, restore your holographic template

Access & embody your higher self through soul retreival

Golden Key

Allow the ressonance of the golden mean ratio pyramid to uplift your vibration & recalibrate your lightbody. Egyptian Healing Rods naturally balance your masculine & feminine polarities. Crystal application assists in clearing, grounding, balancing, & aligning your 5D+chakra system. Ancient symbology encourages holographic template restoration. Our sacred breath moves & makes true what you desire.

Golden Key Boost

Life can be messy. No judgement. Rinse & Repeat. Boosts available for returning clients. In person or remote.

Embodied Soul

Access, Align, & embody your soul. Clear restrictions, blockages, aka cords, soul contracts, past life vows, heartbreak, trauma. Lost soul parts return to assist you in your desired timeline. * Available to clients who have completed at least 1 Golden Key session.

Online Sessions

90 Minute Sessions

In-Person Sessions

90 Minute Sessions


Tricia Gunburg, Numerologist & Intuitive Healer

This is the perfect combination of New Age Healing and Clinical Support. Angela takes her time with you even before you enter her beautiful space with a very insightful questionaire. Her Quantum Energy Healing session made me feel like I was floating on a cloud. I felt so much love and had very clear visions and connections during my session. You will love her, love the experinece, and love yourself.


My Quantum Healing Hypnosis session was so much more than I had expected. I will admit I was a little nervouse as I wasn’t sure how it would go or what might come up. I could tell that I was holding back, I’m not sure why, but Angela was patient and tried different techniques to get through my blocks. We were successful and a lot of healing and clearing came through. I was able to visit a life I had as a very powerful high priestess, I visited my home planet, and I was able to gain some knowledge around some issues I’ve had with memory loss. I am so much closer to putting the pieces together than I was before my session. I would highly recommend a hypnosis session with Angela. You just really have no idea what kinds of things will be revealed. It is sure to be of value to you on your journey of remembrance of who you truly are.

Valerie Arsenault, Founder of Bee Chi Organic Apothecary

Words can’t describe the magic that Angela exudes from her very presence, let alone her intuitive and natural healing abilities. The hypnosis session I had with her was positively life changing and continues to heal and transform my body and reality, long after working with her. I HIGHLY recommend Angela Seraphina for any and all types of healing, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, all of which are entirely connected and ready for our attention. Huge Mahalo Angela!

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